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2019 / 5' Dir. Ugo Petronin Prod. Piet Zwart Institute


Ugo Petronin

Abiding is a short film created from a single 35mm photograph.

Taken from a train window between Dordrecht and Rotterdam, the artist has pulled the film manually in a shutter-less camera. The movement of the film and the continuous influx of light dissolved both the center of perspective and the spaces between frames. The work leans on the notions of fluidity and continuity to question the sequential recording and the frame by frame ideology in photographic and cinematographic processes. In this attempt to record without division, trees and houses lose their solidity and oscillate between abstraction and figuration. The piece evokes a filmic matter in flux in which the movements of the body, the apparatus and the sensitive surface coexist.

Main Category: Experimental Film
Expected Completion: 2019
Original Film Title: Abiding
English Film Title: Abiding
Running Time: 5
Original Language: No spoken language
Colour / B&W: Colour
Director: Ugo Petronin
Debut Status: 1st or 2nd Short
Filmography Director: First film
Main Production Company: Piet Zwart Institute
Main Production Company Phone: +31 (0)10 794 7405
Main Production Company E-mail: pzwart-info@hr.nl
Main Production Company Website: http://www.pzwart.nl
Festival distribution Company Name: EYE Experimental
Festival distribution Company E-mail: experimental@eyefilm.nl