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2021 / 8' Dir. Mohamed Abdelkarim Prod. Mohamed Abdelkarim


Mohamed Abdelkarim

A pseudo interview with a fugitive in a post-disaster era.

The video speculates a future scenario demonstrated in a climate fiction narrative. Based on a pseudo interview with an imagined fugitive in a post-disaster era. The landscape and fiction narrative complicates the relationship between infrastructure, privatization, ecology, surveillance, and migration.

Main Category: Experimental Film · Short
Expected Completion: November 2021
Original Film Title: Gazing...Unseeing
English Film Title: Gazing...Unseeing
Running Time: 8
Original Language: Arabic
Colour / B&W: Colour
Director: Mohamed Abdelkarim
Filmography Director: I Almost Forgot The Roving Body...Let's Call It The Future (2021, short), His Highness' History: Fiction (2014, short), Comparison Of Appearance (2013 short docufiction),xternal Rotation (2013, video installation), Conspiracy Exceeds Consumption (2012, short), The Third Thing (2012, short), Virtual Conflict (2010, short docufiction).
Main Production Company: Mohamed Abdelkarim