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Flow VR

2023 / 15' Dir. Adriaan Lokman Sc. Adriaan Lokman Sales. Unframed Collection

Flow VR

Adriaan Lokman

Floating like leafs we witness a turbulent day in a life through the most vital element surrounding us. Brushstrokes of air in all its subtle, gentle, powerful and inner manifestations paint our fragile existence in the most unpredictable stormy ways.

Main Category: Short · Virtual Reality (VR)
Expected Completion: July 2023
Original Film Title: Flow VR
English Film Title: Flow VR
Production Year: 2023
Running Time: 15
Original Language: No spoken language
Colour / B&W: colour
Director: Adriaan Lokman
Filmography Director: FLOW (2019, animated short), CHASE (2012, animated short), FORECAST (2006, animated short), SHREDDER (2002, animated short), DICHT/VORM- 'TRAINSPOTTING' (2002, animated short), BARCODE (2001, animated short).
Screenwriter: Adriaan Lokman
Main Production Company: Valk Productions
Main Production - Person(s): Richard Valk
Main Production Company Phone: +31 6 5093 4002
Main Production Company E-mail: richardv@xs4all.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.valkproductions.com
Sales Agent: Unframed Collection
Sales Agent E-mail: aroux@lucidrealities.studio
Sales Agent website: https://unframed-collection.com/en