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Box Cutters

9' Dir. Naomi van Niekerk Sc. Naomi van Niekerk Prod. Valk Productions

Box Cutters

Naomi van Niekerk

A young woman remembers a day that she was attacked by three gang members on her way home, but she is strong and manages to escape. During the act of flight, a series of scenes unfold, linked by fluid transitions and expressive details situated between reality and dream.

Main Category: Animation · Short
Original Film Title: Box Cutters
Production Year: 2023
Running Time: 9
Original Language: Afrikaans
Colour / B&W: B/W
Genre: Animation
Director: Naomi van Niekerk
Filmography Director: My Mum’s Bonkers (short animation, 2017), Heal the Burns (Commissioned short animation, 2016) , An Ordinary Blue Monday (short animation, 2015), To All Things Beautiful (short animation, 2015), The Impermanence Museum (short animation, 2014).
Screenwriter: Naomi van Niekerk
Main Production Company: Valk Productions
Main Production - Person(s): Richard Valk
Main Production Company Phone: +31 650934002
Main Production Company E-mail: richardv@xs4all.nl
Main Production Company Website: www.valkproductions.com
2nd Main Production : Ikki Films (France)
Co-production company: ARTE · Dryfsand
Festival distribution Company Name: Varicoloured
Festival distribution Company E-mail: info@varicoloured.eu