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Dutch Films at Vienna Shorts 2023

Shorts from the Netherlands are off to Vienna

Vienna Shorts, the largest short film festival in Austria, will celebrate its 20th edition this year. 9 Dutch shorts are selected for various programmes. The festival takes place between June 1 and 6.

Heartbeat by Kim Spierenburg

The following Dutch shorts are selected for Vienna Shorts:

  • Mother Earth's Inner Organs*
    Directed by Ana Bravo-Pérez
    Selected for International Competition - Fiction and Documentary
    Festival distribution by EYE Experimental
  • Heartbeat
    Directed by Kim Spierenburg
    Selected for International Competition - Animation Avant Garde
  • Spotless*
    Directed by Emma Branderhorst
    Produced by IJswater Films
    Selected for Youth programme
    Festival distribution by Kapitein Kort
  • Half Wet
    Directed by Carlos Irijalba
    Selected for Current Comments programme: Climate Crisis
    Festival distribution by EYE Experimental
  • Six Films by Jan Bot
    Directed by Pablo Núñez and Bram Loogman
    Selected for Current Comments programme: Hi it's AI
    An AI film made possible with film fragments from the EYE Film Institute
  • Neighbour Abdi*
    Directed by Douwe Dijkstra
    Produced by Valk Productions
    Sales by Square Eyes
  • The Sasha
    Directed by María Molina Peiró
    Selected for Focus programme: Photographic Memory
  • Luce and the Rock*
    Directed by Britt Raes
    Co-produced by Studio Pupil
    Selected for Children's programme
    Sales by Miyu Distribution
  • Oh Willy
    Directed by Emma de Swaef and James Roels
    Selected for Focus programme: Frame by Frame

For more information on Vienna Shorts, click here.

*Film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund

Year: 2023