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Fantastic films to Fantaspoa, Brazil

Fantaspoa - International Fantastic Film Festival is running from April 10 to 28

Four films from the Netherlands are sent off to join the 20th edition of Fantaspoa - International Fantastic Film Festival in Brazil.

Still: Pariah - Edson da Conceiçao

In Edson da Conceicao's Pariah a family that has fled Ghana is offered a home in a wealthy neighbourhood of the Netherlands, but it turns out to be the start of a whole new nightmare. The film, produced by IJswater Films (sales: SKOOP Media), is celebrating its latin premiere in the International Competition of the festival. SEE NL interviewed the director about his horror/thriller.

Three Dutch shorts are included in the International Short film Competition.

Nina Gantz' festival favorite Wander to Wonder(NL Co-Prod. Circe Film and Kaap Holland Film) is having its Brazilian premiere. The film recently won awards at SXSW, Anima Brussels & Tampere Film Festival. SEE NL interviewed Gantz about the anarchic and satisfyingly subversive short film last year, before heading to Venice Film Festival.

In I'm Not a Robot* (Prod. OAK Motion Pictures) by Victoria Warmerdam feminist Lara sets out to answer the disturbing question of whether she's a robot. It celebrated its international premiere at Sitges International Film Festival where Warmerdam was awarded with Best Short Film in the Official Fantastic Selection. It was followed by many festival selections and two more awards at Leuven SFF and Flickerfest. SEE NL interviewed the director in the run up to Sitges.

The last Dutch participator in the short film competition is Vivarium* by Daan Lucas. In the colourful animation two gnomes are chased by a flood, caused by the tears of a childish king. It is produced by Valk Productions and will be having its Ibero-American premiere at Fantaspoa. Vivarium will also celebrate its Dutch premiere coming week at Kaboom Animation Festival. Sales are handled by SND Films.

Find out more about Fantaspoa - International Fantastic Film Festival through this link.


*Film is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund