The film industry of The Netherlands is thriving. The majority of our film professionals are working both nationally and internationally; our actors are active all over the world; and most of our film festivals are playing an important role internationally. Please find herewith an overview of our producers, festivals, distributors, sales agents, talent and casting agents and various film associations. Meet the NL INDUSTRY through SEE NL.

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The Co-production & Industry Guide, published by the Netherlands Film Commissioner semi-annually, offers an extensive and complete overview of Dutch production companies. Download the latest version. 

The Netherlands Film Commission is the national liaison between the Dutch creative media industries, foreign producers and production companies in the Netherlands. Your general resource for all film related inquiries such as locations, permits and Dutch incentive production companies.

The Netherlands Film Commission is your matchmaker and can advise on financing possibilities of the Film Fund, including the cash rebate. International production companies can contact: info@filmcommission.nl


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Production company Associations


The Netherlands Audiovisual Producers Alliance (NAPA) offers a joint voice to independent professional producers. The approx. 70 members are active in various disciplines, including feature film, drama series, documentary, animation, interactive productions and games. The aim of the professional association is to promote the common interests of its members and to strengthen the production climate.

NAPA is active in the fields of cultural and media policy, socio-economic policy, financing and copyright. The association represents its members both nationally and internationally. In doing so, NAPA acts as a discussion partner for other professional associations and (market) parties within the audiovisual sector, funds, broadcasters, politicians and government services. There is a cooperation agreement with the association of Dutch Content Producers (NCP) regarding shared interests. In addition, the association is committed to supporting and further professionalising of the industry, for example by concluding collective agreements or organising meetings aimed at sharing knowledge and experience.



NCP promotes the interests of independent producers of television productions, films and documentaries. The number of NCP members has grown significantly in recent years, and they are still open for new members such as online content producers. Their members’ productions address a broad and diverse audience and connect with the wide-ranging needs and wishes of today’s viewer.  

NCP members are culture bearers. Through their productions they disseminate public values, contribute to debate, widen horizons and ensure Dutch culture is maintained and developed.

NCP is a trusted discussion partner for policy and various organisations within the audio-visual sector, such as broadcasters and the Dutch Media Authority. The NCP is in contact with important stakeholders and they closely monitor policy developments.